Q 001. What are master alloys ?

Similar to a perfumer using small additions of essential oil to fine-tune his/her perfume, the melting shops use master alloys to adjust the properties of their products. 

The master alloys are sometimes also called "hardener", "grain refiner" or "modifier" depending on their applications.
A. The master alloys can adjust the composition, changing the composition of the melts to achieve the right chemical specification.
B. The master alloys can influence the micro-structure of metals during the melts cool process in order to change their properties.
C. Some elements show high losses or poor yield when they added into the melts, the master alloys can improve these situations
D. The master alloys often dissolve at lower temperatures, and they dissolves much quicker than pure elements.
E. The master alloys can be deoxidants, degasifiers, desulphurizing agents or similar use in the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals.
F. The master alloys can be used to enhance properties of aluminum alloys to increase fluidity, hardness, and castability.

How to manufacture and use master alloys is a truly professional field.

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