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Q 1. What's the difference between ODM and OEM?

A 1. If you are brand managers, you have to know where they are different.
OEM is companies which manufacture products based on the product design and specifications provided by you. You do all the market research, R&D and develops its own product.
ODM manufactures the product they design and you get the products branded in your own name and sell it them in the market. 

Q 1. ODM 和 OEM哪裡不一樣呢?

A 1. 如果你們是品牌經營者們,你們必須知道它們哪裡不一樣。

Q 2. Why should I choose ODM?

A 2. We believe that you as a brand manager, you must spend a lot of time with distributors / dealers / customers to communicate. Therefore, cooperation is a very important thing. We are responsible for product development and product quality control. We believe we can be your most strong backing.

Q 2. 為什麼我們應該選擇代工/委託配方設計?

A 2. 我們相信,身為品牌經營者,你們必須花很多時間與分銷商/經銷商/顧客進行溝通。因此分工合作是一件非常重要的事情。由我們來負責產品研發及把關產品品質。我們相信我們可以成為你們最堅強的後盾。

Q 3. How does the ODM process go on?

A 3. We cut the ODM process for three parts.
Part 1. Preparation period:Includes signing NDA, market research, legal research, providing samples to volunteers, trying and collecting feedback, modifying samples, packaging design, confirming specifications, confirming contract contents and signing formal contracts.
Part 2. Production period:Includes printed packaging, production, quality control and packing.
Part 3. Delivery period:Includes transportation and inspection.

Q 3. 如何進行ODM的流程呢?

A 3. 我們將ODM過程分割為三大步驟。
Part 1. 包含簽署NDA、市場研究、法律研究、提供樣品給志願者試用及收集回饋、修正樣品、包裝設計、確認規格、確認合約內容及簽署正式合約。
Part 2. 包含印刷包材、生產、品質管制及包裝。
Part 3. 包含運輸及驗貨

Q 4. What is Product Record?

A 4. In order to enhance competitiveness and trust, we combine QR Code and cloud. Consumers can scan QR code by smartphone. They can know all the information about the product immediately. The information includes raw materials, inspection reports (eg heavy metals and microorganisms), test reports (eg sun protection indicators). Of course, you can freely choose how much information you want to open to your customers. 

Q 4. 產品履歷是什麼?

A 4. 為了提升競爭力與信任感。我們結合了QR Code與雲端。消費者可以利用智慧手機掃瞄QR Code來立即獲得產品資訊。產品資訊包含原料資訊、檢測報告(例如重金屬與微生物檢測報告)與測試報告(例如防曬係數)。當然,你可以選擇公開哪些資訊給你的消費者。

Q 5. What are the competitive advantages of your product?

A 5. Development and innovation are our greatest competitive abilities. On the market, many products are not very different, so the competition is very fierce. We are constantly developing new products to make our customers get a higher market share. For example, hair spray, there are many hair spray products on the market, but we connect it to the PM2.5/ environmental issues. Creating new topics is equivalent to creating a new market. 

Q 5. 你們的產品有哪些競爭優勢?

A 5. 開發與創新是我們最大的競爭能力。市場上,許多產品的差異性不大,這樣造成競爭非常激烈 。因此,我們不斷的開發新產品, 讓我們的客戶取得更高的市占率。例如頭髮噴霧,市面上有許多頭髮噴霧的產品,但是我們將它和PM2.5/環境議題連結。因為創造新的話題相當於創造新的市場。

Q 6. What's the difference between Soap and Cleansing Bar?

A 6. They contain different raw materials, but the purpose is the same. Their purpose is to clean the skin.
       Soap contains one of the following three ingredients,
         1. Metal salt, for example Sodium Laurate.
         2. Base and Long chain fatty acid, for example Sodium hydroxide and Lauric acid.
         3. Base and Fat, for example Sodium hydroxide and Coconut oil.
       Cleansing Bar contains Surfactant ( Chemical synthesis ).

Q 6. 肥皂與Cleansing Bar有何不同呢?

A 6. 它們包含不同的原料, 但是目的都是一樣的. 它們的目的都是為了清潔肌膚.
          1. 金屬鹽類,例如月桂酸鈉。
          2. 鹼劑和長鏈脂肪酸,例如氫氧化鈉和月桂酸。
          3. 鹼劑和脂肪,例如氫氧化鈉和椰子油。
         而Cleansing Bar是含有化學合成的介面活性劑。

Q 7. What is the ISO 22716 Certification?

A 7. ISO 22716 is the standard describing the Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices. It has been written in collaboration with cosmetics industry professionals and promotes best-in-class methods. The scope of ISO 22716 is not only limited to production activities but also includes control, storage and expedition. < MORE >

Q 7. 什麼是 ISO 22716 認證?

A 7. ISO 22716 是描述化妝品良好生產規範的標準。它是與化妝品行業專業人士合作編寫的,並推廣最佳方法。 ISO 22716 的範圍不僅限於生產活動,還包括控制,儲存和考察。< MORE >

Q 8. Do you accept Paypal or Western Union?

A 8. Sure, we accept these payment tools. Please contact us for the details of payment.

Q 8. 你們接受 Paypal 或是西聯付款嗎?

A 8. 當然,我們接受這些付款工具。關於付款細節,請與我們聯繫。

Q 9. Do you provide custom-made packaging for the final product?

A 9. Sure, we will pack the final product according to your request. For example, pallet size, carton size (BOX/CTN)....

Q 9. 你們有提供最終產品的客製化包裝嗎?

A9. 當然,我們將根據你們的要求進行最終產品的包裝。例如, 棧板尺寸, 紙箱(BOX/CTN)尺寸...

Q 10. What kind of transportation do you offer?

A10. We have long-term cooperative relationships with our trustworthy cargo forwarders, helping us with shipments by sea or air. We will do our best to send out your order as the way you wish and as quickly as possible.
For Samples:EMS, FedEX, DHL...
For Final Products:FCL, CFS, FedEX, DHL

Q 10. 你們提供哪些運送產品的方式呢?

A 10. 我們與值得信賴的貨運代理有長期的合作關係,他們提供了可靠的海上或空中運輸。我們會完美的按照您的要求,盡速將您的訂單送抵。
運輸樣品:EMS, FedEX, DHL....
運輸成品:整櫃輸出, 併櫃輸出, FedEX, DHL....

Q 11. How much production capacity do you have?

A 11. Our production capacity is as follows,
Shower Gel, Shampoo...:1,000 tons/year
Body Lotion...:1,000 tons/year
Soap:1,800 tons/year

Q 11. 你們的生產能力如何?

A 11. 我們的生產能力如下,
沐浴乳、洗髮精...年產量:1,000 噸
身體乳液...年產量:1,000 噸
肥皂年產量:1,800 噸

Q 12. How to contact you?

A 12. Contact information is as follows:
Name of Company:Holi Bio International Corp.
VAT number:24824216
Address:No.12, Aly. 9, Ln. 381, Xinyi St., Wuri Dist., Taichung 41474, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel :886-4-2338-1766
Fax :886-4-2338-9682
Mail :Holibiotech@holiworld.com.tw

Q 12. 如何聯絡你們?

A 12. 聯絡資訊如下: